Happy 4/20

blogsmokeThis is the soft launch of my new… something. Art blog. Comics. Sketches. Plea for attention and money. Stuff like that.

Why “doodlesquat”? It sounds funny and was an available .com (there were other names that I liked but I don’t have $1,200 to pay for a cool domain name out of pocket).

doodle [dood-l] (verb)
1. to draw or scribble idly.
2. to waste (time) in aimless or foolish activity.

squat [skwot] (verb)
1. to sit in a low or crouching position with the legs drawn up closely beneath or in front of the body; sit on one’s haunches or heels.
2. to settle on or occupy property, especially otherwise unoccupied property, without any title, right, or payment of rent.

Chris Fason is a big sweaty guy from Alabama that draws comics and stuff.

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